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It’s time to heal. It’s time to push past mediocrity. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to turn the tide… On this episode, Rob and Eric discuss the impact that the Living Richly podcast is having on their audience. Exploring the importance of their message more deeply, listeners are encouraged to join this grassroots movement of people committed to living their best life.

 You can watch the videos of all of the Living Richly Podcast episodes on the Living Richly YouTube Channel.

Show Notes for Episode 23

This is more than a podcast — a movement is starting to form.

Living Richly is about waking up to our lives. It’s an awakening of our lives! It’s when we get clear on what our best life looks like and we start living it! It’s about focusing on being — being yourself — rather than just chasing results. If you want to go back to the fundamentals we’d encourage you to go listen to Episode One and Episode Two.

We encourage you to reach out to us with topics you have, things you’d like us to discuss, or ideas of themes we could address.

If you want to stay up to date on new initiatives, get more support, or even get some coaching which we’re already providing to some of our listeners, reach out to us at – we’d love to hear from you.

Also, Eric made reference to a great song that is ABSOLUTELY worth a listen. It’s called “Half a Man” by Dean Lewis. Let us know what you think!

Episode 23: Turning the Tide: Why This Podcast Really Matters

It’s mediocrity that’s set in, it’s boredom that’s set. And, again, life is too short to live that way.        

Rob Dale, Eric Deschamps


Hi, and welcome to the Living Richly podcast. My name is Rob Dale and I’m here with my two great friends, Eric Deschamps and Trefor. Trefor. Trev, where’s Trev today? Uh, Trev’s not here. Trev’s not here today. It’s gonna be just the two of us. Trefor, of course. One of the challenges of recording a podcast with a farmer is uh, sometimes they have to do farm shit.

Farmer shit. And uh, he is off doing some farmer shit today. So, uh, we are going to be having a conversation, just the two of us. Yeah. Exciting. What will we ever talk about? Oh, I have no idea cuz we always run out of things to say it seems. Um, uh, but you know what’s really cool is, uh, we recently had an episode with uh, and of course we’re also joined by Steve Warne.

Hey guys, A bit of a delay there, but yeah, he’s a little slow. Little slow. Sorry. Uh, but recently had Steve on the show. Yeah. Uh, as our, literally our first guest and we’ve been getting such great. Uh, feedback about that episode. And as a matter of fact, we had one of your coaching clients, uh, who uh, emailed us a phenomenal testimony.

Yeah. And so what we wanted to do today is we wanted to, to really have a conversation just around, again, why this matters. Mm-hmm. Uh, why we are doing the living richly, some of the things that we can get passionate about. Uh, in fact, it’s because of the email, uh, that I rec. Received and from some of the conversation that happened with Steve that I’m intentionally wearing my Proud Dad shirt today.

Nice, nice. Uh, I was deliberate in that because, uh, because some of this stuff fires us up. Yeah. And so we do want to read, and we did get permission from Matthew to share a little bit of, of, uh, what he shared with us. We’re not gonna share all of it. But he has certainly been, uh, someone who has been following the, the, uh, the podcast since the beginning.

He told us he listens religiously every Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning. That’s what he’s doing, is he’s gonna listen in on the, uh, on each of the episodes. Uh, and has, has provided us some insight. And again, we want to just say, You know, to all of you that are listening or watching, we so value, uh, when you send us, or your feedback, whether that’s commenting on one of the, uh, channels, the Facebook or the Instagram or the YouTube channels, uh, or whether it’s.

By sending us an email. Mm-hmm. Uh, by the way, we’ll, we just, we, we really don’t talk too much about how you can reach us. Uh, you can certainly reach the channel. Yeah. Uh, just at, uh, you can reach each of us individually just with our first name, Eric, at Living, Rob, at Living Richly.

It’s funny how that works. It flows really easy. Yeah. It, it’s your name in the email address. Yeah. So, uh, you can’t reach eric at, although you can indirectly, it just seems like, well, like to, it just seems like a hard way to do it. So Matthew has sent us some, uh, a number of times he sent us a fee, but he, he’s a psychologist mm-hmm.

Uh, uh, by profession and, uh, so has, has often commented on, uh, certainly seeing the value of guys. Talking about their emotions. Uh, he’s, he appreciates, of course, from a, as a psychologist, some of the, uh, and we’re always very careful, right? We’re not psychologists. No, we don’t even play one on tv. Uh, and, uh, and so we have enough knowledge, uh, around just our own work that we’ve done, that we often will share some of the, uh, ideas that, uh, psychologists use, uh, cognitive behavior therapy, family systems, dynamics, some of these other ones.

Uh, but we recognize that certainly we are not in that. We, we know our limits. Yeah. So it is great when we get feedback from someone who that is their world, uh, and to be, be able to say that we’re on point. But he shared us, uh, a, a comment. He, he made the comment, uh, around, uh, Steve’s episode and just how powerful it was, how good it was.

Uh, and in that episode, uh, there was, we were talking a little bit about locker room conversations and talk, uh, and I think we even said, in fact, he makes a reference to it in his. In his, uh, in his notes about how, you know, this is something that maybe we, uh, hopefully have moved past, uh, and he shares a bit of this story.

So let me just share a little bit of, you know, I’m gonna be reading here. Uh, but appreciate that as we, as we go through this, uh, I really appreciated this is Matthew’s words. I really appreciated this week’s episode. I just sent it to my sons. Uh, Steve had said that some of the things that passed in locker rooms, uh, locker room culture in the seventies and the eighties doesn’t hold up or happen now.

Um, my, uh, son who will be 19, one of his sons who will be 19 on Monday, uh, played football during high school, and I can tell you that not much has changed. Uh, he came home with, uh, with all kinds of stories of homophobic comments from teammates and coaches alike. Uh, the coaches and players were likable enough, but knowing the comments are there.

Still bugs me. Um, he said things, uh, maybe have changed but haven’t changed enough. Mm-hmm. Uh, he said, I sent my, uh, the today’s podcast, or, or last week’s podcast to my sons because as young men, they still struggle to express their feelings to their friends. Mm-hmm. So, thank you for trying to move the needle.

I really appreciate that you guys are fighting the battle to help men get more in touch with themselves. And that, and that the meat needle does move and move more and more faster. Uh, and then he ended his comments with, I know we both, when we read the email were like, damn. Yeah. Right. This fired us up.

Yeah. Was his last question was, you know, as we talked about moving the needle needle, he said maybe we can turn the tide at some point. Hmm. And yeah, I think we both kind of went, that’s what this is about. Yeah. Uh, we, there is a passion that we have. Uh, we have talked about that. And, and the two of us, of course, with our backgrounds, in many cases, very similar.

We have gone through so many of, uh, our journey in some ways has been very similar, very different in other ways. Yeah. Uh, but we get to this point, and we have both said that the living richly work is some of the most important work. Than we have ever done. Agreed. I, I couldn’t agree more. I mean, it’s, it’s part of why we launched the podcast in the first place.

And, uh, uh, and thank you Matthew, for, for that note of encouragement. And, uh, you can be assured we’re, uh, we very much, I I had never, uh, kind of thought of it in the terms of the, the battle, uh, right, uh, of fighting. For, uh, to create a place, a message, a safe place for people to start getting present, uh, to the stuff that we’ve been talking about.

Uh, I think a lot of folks are living in the shadows. They don’t know, they don’t have a safe place. They, this is a message that is so important, and we saw it when Steve sh shared his story. We hear it resonating with so many others. Uh, I know just this past week with many of my clients who tune into the show now religiously and, and, uh, are like, oh, I so loved that last episode.

It is opening up conversations with them that I never had before. Um, I’ve got one, uh, great young leader going through such a hard time right now in the home front, and he described the, the podcast like as, as a, like a lifeline, uh, that he listens and it just gives him that hope, uh, to just keep pushing through, uh, the hardship and the pain that he’s facing.

So, uh, like, like this really, really matters and, and I’m so pleased that we’re doing this work and getting such a great. Uh, great feedback from our listeners who are, are resonating with the message. Yeah. And, and, and we do get fired up about it. Yes. And, and we, uh, because we believe in it so strongly and, and I appreciate, and we, and we hear again, we get some great feedback.

Uh, common comment is around the notion of that men need this, that men need to hear this. Uh, now it’s interesting that if we were to probably pull our, our listeners, uh, we probably have as many. Female listeners as we would men listen and maybe even more, if not more, if not more. Right? And, and so I know that the message is resonating not just with men or it’s not just women saying, my man needs to hear this, or My sons need to hear this.

Uh, they are also in this play. I. Uh, people need to hear it. People need hundred percent need to begin to embrace. We have, we are in a society, uh, that over the last number, I mean, again, we’ve just come out of a pandemic. Uh, we’ve come out of all of this kind of stuff. We’ve, there’s so much, uh, in the world right now of us and them and, and, and tension and, and it, getting back to that, getting centered with who you are and how you live out your life.

Uh, is important no matter whether you’re male, female, however you identify, it doesn’t matter so many other elements, and that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. Absolutely. I, I mean, and uh, you, you referred to it earlier, like this started out of our own personal journey, right? So, uh, uh, fueled very much by our own personal pain, our own personal struggles, our own, uh, quest for what does it mean to live.

Uh, our best life. Uh, and that led us into some conversations and some experiences. And, uh, out of that emerged, uh, this, this, this really what is becoming feels like a movement of people that are waking up. Uh, we, we, I’ve used the term coma so often cuz I, for me, I felt for years it’s like I was living in a coma.

Yeah. Uh, uh, doing great work and, and in many ways experiencing moments of joy and transformation. But for the most, Part just going through the motions and, uh, uh, this, uh, past year and actually as we record this episode, it’s almost a year to the day for me that I keep pointing. And if you’ve been listening to previous episodes, I keep pointing back to this time in April of 2022, um, where, uh, you know, something really landed for me.

And so I’m almost a year on that now. Um, and it’s, it’s, it’s been so transformational, so powerful. To, uh, really redefine who I am, what really matters, and lean into it with great intentionality. Um, and then to see this podcast emerge, uh, as a, as a result of that journey for all three of us. Um, and now to watch and, and the, the response that we’re getting or to see the response that we’re getting from others who are, uh, also resonating with this message.

Um, and you’re right, it’s not just. Men, I think, I think, uh, where it’s resonating for men is, uh, I often describe, people say, well, what’s your podcast about it? I said, well, it’s three guys talking about shit. Guys don’t normally talk about it. Yeah. Is the most common way that I describe it and then talk about it’s, it, it’s really about, again, living our best life.

Choosing our best life, uh, deciding on what matters and going for it. Um, but the message is universal and is, is, is truly resonating with, with so many, uh, that it, it really does feel like a movement is beginning to form us. And I love that language of movement and the, the idea that this is something that a again, it’s a journey that we are on.

Yeah. We’re not there. We’re on the journey. There are, well, you are I Well, almost. You’re, you’re, you’re closer than the rest of us. I’m gonna, yeah, absolutely. I am definitely much more, not just mature, but uh, uh, yeah. I’m much more centered in, we, we, so there’s old and then there’s mature, like those two things are not the same.

So anyway. Uh, jerk. No, there have been, there have certainly been times in the last, even last few weeks where I have not been living richly. Right. Uh, there are seasons where, you know, anxiety comes in or emotions come in, uh, whatever they are. And, you know, you’d like to think that, uh, with all of this information, with all that we’ve learned over the last year, uh, that, um, that we would have it now where we just kind of, we now react.

The way we want to react instead of the way that we might, you know, maybe we do react. Yeah. Like a, like, like, almost like we’re in a perpetual Gandhi state, right? Like Yeah, yeah, exactly. Right. Through life, home, uh, yeah. And, and, and we’re not, and, and, and, uh, for sure, to your point, it’s been a year. Uh, I do encourage if, if you are a new, uh, listener or viewer to the, uh, podcast, uh, first of all, where the hell have you been?

But thanks for joining us now. Thanks for, thanks for joining us. Now, uh, and I do encourage you to go back and, and certainly the first two episodes we walk through kind of the living richly model of, of what kind of, how it’s kind of come together. Uh, it, it begins with the story that, uh, of, of your own work that you were doing.

And how you were working that out. And the early morning text, uh, Trevor and I about, Hey, you know, um, this, and look, I, I wanna share you this and I wanna share something from my journal. And, and it really began to, as you continued to build out the model, uh, it began to be something that resonated with Trevor and I.

Uh, and we began to embrace it. We even looked at, you know, early on and again, uh, well, you know, this is the model that worked for you is that, and we were kind of like, Nope, the model works. Right? Right. Uh, like, we’re just taking what you’ve built for yourself and we’re gonna build it for ourselves. And then it was, okay, now that we’ve taken this model that is now clearly all three of us can apply to, and, and we’ve talked about, even about, uh, you know, Wendy and I on our road trip.

Uh, that year we, we began to apply them that same model, and we went, okay, so the model works for you that you, you know, again, the one you created works for you. The model works for, uh, Trevor and I, uh, the model worked with Wendy and I, Hey, maybe it will work for other people. Right? So let’s start sharing.

About that, what that is. Yeah. Uh, and so episodes one and two, we kind of cover that. Uh, and then of course, uh, episodes 3, 4, 5 would be our individual stories of, of really, uh, maybe the fir I mean the stories tell us how we got to that point, but really the, again, we’re looking at the first few months, but it is a movement.

It is. Yeah. And it is something we want people to resonate, that we want to have resonate with people. So, so maybe talk to me a little bit again, if we were to kind of summarize, uh, we’re saying this matters, this is important, you know, we recognize this. Uh, it what would be some of the top. Uh, key point. So we would say, this is when we talk living richly.

Maybe a recap. What is it that we’re talking about and why? Uh, why is it something we believe matters to men, women, to people, uh, that they would, uh, begin to join the movement. Well, I think, uh, the word that comes to, or the phrase that comes to mind immediately is that living richly is about waking the fuck up.

Yeah. It’s about waking up and getting, what’s that movie? Is that there’s a, uh, it’s, uh, uh, and again, this is where we all, I’m gonna yell out to Steve because Steve, I, I guarantee he’s gonna know the name of it as soon as I describe, think sort of Robin Williams. It’s with, uh, uh, and it’s their end cocoon.

Is it Cocoon, uh, where they all come to that awakening. They all come out of their, uh, Uh, they’re in the hosp, right? And all of a sudden everybody’s awakening and Oh no, they were all in a coma. Coma all, I don’t it’s cocoon, but I know it. Movie, it wasn’t cocoon. Now. Yeah. Awakenings called awakening is there.

See, I knew Steve would have that. Uh, uh, uh, so, but you know, that’s what this is. You’re right. It’s an awakening. Yeah. I, a complete awakening. It’s, it’s really getting present. Uh, and perhaps for the first time, um, you know, we talk about waking up, uh, for some perhaps we’ve, we’ve ha uh, that are listening or that have experienced this like, We’ve had seasons where we’re awake and seasons where, where we’re asleep at the wheel of our own lives, right?

We’re just going through the motions. We’re, we’re, we’re passing the time, but we’re not making the time count. Uh, we’re, we’re basically in the nine to five grind of Groundhog Day over and over and over again, but we don’t feel like our life is, is on fire. We don’t feel like our life. Has meaning or purpose.

And, and although we experience moments of joy, um, for the most part, uh, there’s just a lot of blah, there’s just a lot of gray. Uh, and, uh, uh, for us, like it’s been about this waking up to one who we truly are, uh, getting clear about, uh, what really matters to us. Uh, what are the things that truly make us happy, and then.

Turning the volume up on all that stuff, right? And so I think it’s, it’s a message truly about, you know, and again, we, we explained this in earlier episodes, but it is about putting yourself first. It it’s understanding that actually when you invest in your own life, when you take the time to get clear, uh, about what really matters, and then start living intentionally in that direction, you, you end up experiencing joy, uh, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace of mind.

More often, to your point, we’re not, uh, it’s not about achieving this state of nirvana where we’re not feeling pain and we don’t have hardship and we don’t go through struggles. But what I’m discovering now after all of this work and everything that’s happened is I still remember the season where, earlier on last year when I was experiencing my transformation and I said to you guys, the only thing that worries me.

Is that I haven’t really been tested yet and I remember way to go. Right. And I remember you saying something like, oh, go, go ahead and put that, that out into the universe, right? Yeah. Yeah. Uh, and since then there have been many tests that have come. Uh, many real challenges that, uh, in the past would’ve sent me spiraling.

And what I’m discovering is because I’m clear on who I am, because I’m clear on my values, because I know what fills my cup. Because I’ve built now, uh, more, uh, a regular rituals that lean into that stuff intentionally, uh, intentionally is that I’m more grounded than I’ve ever been. I’m more centered than I’ve ever been and ever been, and I’m navigating through.

Those challenges navigating through pain, navigating through hardship, um, in a way that I never have before. Uh, and so, you know, who’s this message for? It’s for the people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired, they’re fed up with just going through life and go a again, going through the motions, just repeating the same day over and over again and saying, there’s got to be more than this.

It’s about discovering what is your best life and how do I live it. Intentionally every day. Oh, so good. So good. And you know, we know this now, uh, again, we recognize that you might be listening to this, this episode, uh, anytime during the year. Uh, we, uh, when we recorded this, we’re, we’re recording right now.

Uh, we’re live right now, right? We’re live. This is live, live, live. You’re, you’re right here. And I’m right here. And Steve’s right here. Well, we’ll see. Oh, he’s right here. Yeah. He’s there. Um, but, but, uh, it, it’s the end of April, right? And, uh, um, you know, for most people, we know this statistically, most people have already failed on all of their New Year’s resolutions.

Well, that was like third week of January. Yeah. Yeah. But even the ones I hung on, I the, uh, The over performers, right? Uh, they’re probably at that point. And, and we may now all of a sudden as we’re coming into the, you know, into the spring and into the soon, into the summer and, and into the nicer weather, uh, you might be somebody who’s listening, going, uh, you know what?

Yep. I’m back in the same rut that I’m in every year. And I was determined that, you know, 2023 was gonna be different and it’s not. And, and we see it with, uh, in our other work. With business owners, with executives and leadership, uh, individuals that are in, in, you know, really in high performing roles within indu in different industry, uh, that who are very successful in every other area of life.

And yet there’s a sense of. To your point of what you just said, is this all there is? Right. Or, you know, we’re, we’re completely in this rut and loss and it’s because, and we were there. Yeah. Every year would be like, okay, let’s start it up again and we’re hot and then we’re cold, and then we’re hot and then we’re cold and we’re, ah, because we are going about it.

All the wrong way. Right. We were focused on results rather than on being Right. Right. And I think if maybe living richly is about focusing on being so that everything else comes. Well, we’ve got it backwards to your point when we talk about, uh, there’s the age old saying, we are human beings, not human doings.

Yes. And although most people would resonate deeply with that message and say, yes, I believe that, let’s look at how we’re living our life. Yes. We’re actually in, in many cases, we’re living according to this performance mentality that it, the busier I am, the, the more stuff I’m engaged in, the more results that I’m getting.

We’re chasing something. We’re chasing this sense of fulfillment. We’re chasing, uh, this sense of validation. We’re chasing this meaning in the things that we do, whether we chase it in our careers or we chase it. In relationships or we chase it in activities we’re, we’re chasing, we’re, we’re, and, and, and in many ways it’s like chasing a sunset.

Uh, the minute you think you got it, it’s gone. And then we just rinse and repeat and begin that whole process again the next day. Uh, this is about again, focusing on who you are as a person. Getting clear about that. I mean, most people plan a birthday party better than they plan their life. Right. Uh, and think about how sad that is.

We’ll plan what we’re doing Friday night, uh, more with, with more intentionality and more deliberate intent, uh, than planning our lives. And what, what the living richly message is, is it’s not fluff. It’s not just positive attitude stuff. Uh, it it’s truly about re-engineering, revisioning your life, uh, and then beginning to move towards it.

With greater intentionality to, to quote Matthew’s email. Uh, our goal and our desire and why we get fired up about this is we want to turn the tide. Yeah. We want to, I love that language. Yeah. We, we want this to be a movement. We want people to get fired up and excited and recognize that there is more, that there is the opportunity to change.

How we do what we do by sh again, by turning it up inside out, right? Really right. Uh, and, and focusing inside, focusing in on self, and then being able to show up authentically in every relationship. Uh, we’re tired of the, the, the bravado of the tough guy locker room talk. Listen, we can joke around like the best of them.

We can have. Fun with each other. Some, some of us better than others. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Me better than either you or Trevor. Uh, we can joke around. We have fun. We, we tease each other, we play, uh, and that kind of stuff, right? We’re, we’re, we’re able to do that kind of stuff. So I’m not suggesting that you can’t goof around with your buddies and all of that stuff, horse night, but this.

Bravado this, the sense that that being a man is about holding in emotion and not expressing and not being able to, all of that is such bullshit. Yeah. And yet has continued to just, I so appreciate and we, you know, listen, I’m not sure how to take the notion that some of the feedback you are saying that even, you know, Kate has said that, you know, Steve’s episode was the best one ever and I’m like, What about the, like, what you know, don’t like, it only took us 20 some odd episodes to warm up like, oh sure, bring Steven and you have the best episode ever, right?

Like, we’re gonna have to bring him out in front of the camera more often. Clearly what she’s saying is, we need more guests. The three of us have worn it. Our welcome. I think so. Um, no, but, but this notion of, uh, you know, so much of what was said, you know, cuz here’s a guy who, who had that, the background with sports and being involved and all of that, uh, and that bravado was so, you know, again, evident there.

That’s part of what we’re trying to go against, right. Right. We’re trying to challenge the notion, uh, and it’s a movement, it’s a community. It’s bringing people together to be able to, to embrace it, to, uh, as, as a group and a movement. When you think of a movement, it starts, uh, we, we think, again, of the sparks that, uh, we’ve had the privilege of.

Of of, of starting in people, right. That it lights a fire. When people resonate with a message, it speaks deeply to them. And, and, and a movement then spreads from one person to another, to another, to another. And, and the more that we begin to re It’s like a, it’s like a virus. It’s like a virus. No, don’t get to, it’s too soon.

It’s too soon. It’s too soon. Uh, sorry. Steve will fix that. Post editing. I’m sure that’s gonna come out. I don’t know. Uh, but it does, it, it, it, it goes from person to person. And, uh, um, it, it creates a hunger. And the more that we open up about it, the more that we talk about it. Yeah. When we think of the status quo, we think of mediocrity.

We think of the, uh, you talk about men who are. Unable to actually access their emotions or even talk about them because we’ve been presented with this model of having it all together and being the tough guy and whatever else. And that is, uh, that is, uh, it’s a prison. Uh, it, it’s a, it’s a jail cell where, uh, you are actually not even able to access important parts of your being that you’re completely shut off or shut down.

And that’s not limited to men. Uh, but it’s certainly true of a lot of men. Um, and, and this, this movement that’s begun, this, these conversations that have started. It and, and we’re just one of many movements I think that, uh, uh, are, are rising up and are, are popping up all over the place because people are sick and tired of being sick and tired and they’re tired of being fed the bullshit that they need to line up like good little soldiers and, and, and look like this.

And people are tired of living their lives according to. Other people’s values and other people’s expectations and other people’s shoulds and musts and have tos. People are saying, I wanna live my own life here. I want to, I want to, I want to, uh, I I want to be the captain of my own ship and determine my own destiny.

And, uh, so again, it’s so exciting, uh, right. For, for those of you that are, Tuning in and, uh, on a weekly basis. Uh, and you’ve, you’re part of this conversation. Uh, what’s really been exciting to me is, is folks, uh, sending in questions and topic requests that they’d like us to, to talk about because it’s sparking something and they’ve, uh, they, they’re curious.

They’re saying, give us more, but can we, can we talk about this? Can we talk about that? And we certainly want to encourage you to keep sending in those topics. Uh, we would love to spend time addressing those things. Uh, cuz what we’re hoping we’re creating is a conversation. Yeah. An ongoing conversation and a placeholder for people, uh uh, who on a weekly basis or a regular basis as they’re tuning into the episodes.

It is a placeholder and a reminder about what matters and why it matters, and what steps they can take to move in that direction. And I think one of the reasons we often. Uh, a set a course and don’t follow it is because it falls off the radar. Well, perhaps one of the primary reasons for this podcast is to be a rep.

Uh, it’s like a record that on, on, on repeat, right? Just continuing to drive home this message that life doesn’t have to be the way that it is, whether it’s, uh, moving away from pain and trauma, which is a, a, a very freeing, wonderful thing. Or moving from a place of just, I’ve had some other clients say, you know, I’m not, I’m not in terrible pain.

Like, I kind of have a good life, but life is kind of gray. It’s kind of, they’re, they’re, they’ve lost their, their purpose or their direction or a sense of meaning. And so, uh, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s mediocrity that’s set in, it’s boredom that’s set in. Yeah. And, uh, again, life is too short to live that way. Well, and there’s also a third, you know, Again, you’re right.

There’s people that are in their trauma trying to find a way out of their trauma. People. Ah, no, life’s been pretty good. Really didn’t have any major traumatic events. I think there are other people who are, who are currently, they absolutely are living their best life and their frustration is just, Where is everybody else?

Right, right. And, and they’re looking for the language to be able to communicate what it is that they’re experiencing. And, and in some ways they’ve, whether it’s, you know, I, I, I think it’s difficult to kind of fall into that kind of life. I think it has to happen deliberately. Right. Or at least. My experience has been, it’s, it’s, it’s a deliberate choice, but they’re there and, and, and hopefully, uh, the podcast and the conversations are giving language to what they’re already doing.

Right. Right. And that’s, I think that’s a third group of people that that is certainly we’ve been hearing messaging from, and we’re gonna continue to look into those. We’re certainly, like I say, we’ve got some feedback. Uh, we want to have a, we’re gonna do some episodes on some different things. We’re gonna bring in some other guests that have them share their story of, again, where they are on their journey and, and, and some of the lessons that they’ve learned.

Because we, that’s our goal in this, is to recognize, and I love what you said earlier, we’re not the only ones with this message, and we know that. And there’s some really good, uh, podcasts. There’s some good, uh, communicators that are sharing a bit of the same message. There seems to be a, uh, um, people seem to be ready.

To make this shift. Right? And it’s just looking for those right communities. We’ve had this, and we’ll talk about this a little bit later, uh, when we wrap up today, but, uh, uh, we’ve had even people reach out and go, Hey, can you help me coach? Can you coach me through this? Right? And our answer is yes. Right.

Uh, we have that opportunity and both of us are now coaching individuals, uh, on the living richly material. We’re helping them, you know, meeting with them a, you know, once a month or a couple times a month and go through, uh, the material and to make sure that they’re, that they’re on point with it, uh, to help them do that.

So there’s so much that’s happening there. I think that this notion of movement is, is so critical. Um, As you kind of look at it, where for you again, what would be, uh, right now, year in? Yeah. Okay. Right. Um, a year in, what would be one of the most significant aha moments that you have today that is no longer, you know, that was, that you had at some point that now has become a commonplace, but has become standard for you?

Standard thinking. My, uh, in, in my story. It’s a great question. Uh, and it’s hard to actually focus in on just one or two. One thing. One thing. What’s the one thing? There you go. Ah, alright. Thank you Jack. It’s, it’s hard to zero in on just one, but the one that comes to mind is, um, You know, my, my belief about myself was so flawed and so skewed for so long, and that’s work that didn’t just start a year ago.

That’s work I’ve been doing for some time. It’s just that last year, last spring, uh, something landed and all of that went to a whole other level where I began to truly let go of, of some really faulty thinking. Uh, I talk about in episode three, my story, the deep self-loathing that I carried around for so long.

That much of my work, uh, in my life’s work in helping others was really somehow trying to balance the ledger. Uh, that if I do enough good things, maybe, maybe one day I’ll be good enough. Uh, cuz I, I was, I, I really didn’t believe that. And so, as a result, a lot of the relationships in my life, um, right, uh, uh, meaningful relationships in my life we’re, we’re.

People that I had to take care of, uh, peop cuz I didn’t feel I was worthy of, uh, of, of true affection, true love, whatever else. And what I’m seeing now in friendships, what I’m seeing in my relationship with Kate, what I’m seeing is because I have shifted, I, I don’t have the. It, it, that has completely changed, right?

Uh, I think it was that, uh, song by, uh, uh, I’m gonna forget his name now, but I quoted in, uh, um, the episode is How, how can I say I love you when I don’t love who I am. How can I give you all of me when I’m only half a man? And, and that would’ve been me then. And now I feel I’m showing up more fully. I’m showing up more authentically.

Um, uh, life serves up what life serves up, and I’m dealing with it and navigating it much more effectively. Um, uh, a pain is, is, is is still happening and yet suffering, uh, uh, the suffering factor has dropped significantly. Uh, when we, when, when you begin to invest in yourself. I, I can’t say it enough. When you really get clear on how important it is to, to, to.

Engineer your life the way that you want to live it, and then be very deliberate. Get the support you need. You can’t do it alone. It’s very hard to do it alone, uh, but get the support you need. And, and then again, this is why community is so important. This is why, uh, I think this message is so important.

It’s almost like we’re sounding the alarm or we’re we’re blowing on a horn and, and all those that are ready to hear that. Frequency are tuning into it and saying, yes, me too, please. Um, and they’re beginning to rise up. And, and, and so if you’re listening today, um, man, this is why we’re, we’re we often at the end of every episode ask you to share them out.

If it’s resonating with you, then like it leave. A positive review, a five star review, if you can, even a testimonial. Uh, and, and that may sound kind of self-serving on our behalf, but that helps the podcast reach more people. Uh, and when you share that on social and, uh, you, you, you talk about it to friends and family and perhaps they start tuning in, uh, again, what it does is it starts to awaken the community around you.

That is also ready for this kind of change. And now that you find that you’re not the only one, you’re not alone. So there is power in the spoken word in putting it out into the universe. Um, and, and, uh, to, to, um, uh, Matthew’s point, moving the needle, uh, right, and shifting the tide. It starts by opening up and, and talking to someone about it.

Yeah. And I love that you said that, and you know, uh, I about certainly all of that resonates it. I think we’re on the same page when it comes to the, the greatest kind of, if, if there was one thing that, one thing is the notion of. Really finding that true, authentic who you are and that you matter, uh, and you taking care of you matters, uh, and that that’s how you’re best able to then serve others.

Yeah. Is that notion of being, uh, focused on self so that you can focus on the other important people that are in your life, not at the expense of the other people in your life. And, you know, even the notion, as you said, Asking people to share it. And, and we do it, we do it every episode. Uh, one of the, I think for me, one of the most freeing things around all of what we’ve been doing is, uh, uh, not apologizing for what we’re doing.

Right? Because, you know, while people might think we have ulterior motives, you know what, let ’em think it, right? Uh, we’re, we’re just so free from that. You know, we’ve had, we’ve had comments. Oh, you, you’re, you’re trying to do whatever. We know, we know. We produce an epi. We, we produce a podcast. We, we, we do this weekend and week out.

Uh, you know, at this point we have generated zero revenue around Right. What we do. Right. Uh, but we have, we have also generated a significant amount of expenses and what we do. Because we’re passionate about it. Yeah, and, and because we believe in it and we don’t apologize at all, we don’t apologize that as we begin to explore and look at ways to monetize what we’re doing, we’re doing it so that we can continue to do the message right, so that it does cover the expenses so we can do this stuff.

But not apologizing. When we say, Hey, we need you to share it. We need you to, to uh, to, to five star it and leave a review because those are the things that help us get this message out, not because both of us have spent many years. In public kind of life on stages where everybody applauded and said, you the man.

Right, right, right. Dance monkey dance. Neither one of us is, is, uh, is motivated by that anymore. No, and I know that. I know. I, I just, I know I’m not, and I know you are not. Uh, that’s not why we do it. We do it because this message. Matters. Uh, and we want you to be part of that message. We want you to be someone who is engaged, willing to be a part of this community in whatever way that you see.

And, and certainly one of the things we do are encouraging is those comments and those. Those, uh, those, those thoughts from others? Absolutely. I had, uh, one, uh, client recently who reached out, uh, and he was looking for some, uh, you know, I do a lot of public speaking, uh, coaching. I help a lot of folks take their place.

Yeah, you’re pretty good at that one presentation skills to the next level. And so he signed up for that program, that coaching program, and then listened to one episode of the podcast and he e emailed me later that day and said, Eric, is there any chance, uh, I can shift? The focus of our upcoming sessions.

And I said, well, what do you mean? He said, I just watched, uh, your episode where you tell your story. And, um, I, I, I think this is what really matters. And so we shifted our focus and, and to your point, he’s one of the clients that I’m walking through. Yeah. Uh, this work. Um, and this is why we are beginning to look at not only bringing more guests on, actually I’m so excited about the guests that we’re lining up, um, in the near future.

Uh, I know that we have, uh, Kelly Flanagan, author of, uh, lovable, uh, a book that has impacted us deeply who’s agreed to come on the show. Um, we have our own significant others that are gonna be coming on the show, right? Yeah. We’ve got Wendy, uh, who’s gonna be here, uh, in a few, a few episodes from now. Uh, Kate will be joining us for an episode.

Uh, and then a couple people that have been super influential. In terms of the work, uh, probably we’ve done probably the most influential, the most influential people of all. And one of them is, is Sherry Kane, right? Yep. Our coach. Uh, she’s also the, um, mindset coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. So she works with professional athletes, um, uh, and works.

It’s too bad it’s the Eagles too. Bad’s the Eagles, but you know, like, uh, hopefully one day she’ll see the light and she’ll shift over the Dallas Cowboys cuz God knows they need help. Uh, Okay, continue. You’re welcome. I’ll continue. I’ll continue. Uh, and then Jim Harrington, of course. Yeah. Uh, who is another coach for us, another coach for us who is just, uh, phenomenal.

Um, and, uh, we hope to have them share both their stories of personal transformation that they’ve experienced, uh, and the methodology and tools that they use to help others. Um, really live their best life and overcome their past and overcome baggage, overcome trauma and, and live, uh, uh, again, live their best life.

So, super excited about that and also excited about the opportunities that we’re exploring now, uh, to be able to support. Uh, listeners that are ready to kind of take that next step and are saying, I’ve been, I’ve been following, uh, the podcast. I’ve been resonating with the message. I’ve, I’ve tried to take some steps, but perhaps I need, what, what else, what other support is there for me in this journey?

So we’re looking now at coaching, uh, opportunities for people. We’re looking at retreats. We’re looking at different things that we might be able to do. Uh, group coaching type programs. Uh, and it’s all about helping, uh, folks that are resonating with this message, uh, be able to, uh, lean into it with even more, uh, deliberate intent, right?

Yeah. So, uh, so we look forward to sharing that, uh, when that’s ready. Uh, we’re, we’re, we’ve just begun the early work on that. Um, but excited about what the future holds here. Yeah. And so one of the things that I would certainly suggest to you is that if you are someone who is interested in just being kept in the loop around things like coaching, retreats, other information, uh, anything that might be happening, or even if you know somebody who you would.

Say, boy, this individual, this author, uh, or, or this, uh, you know, podcaster or, or whomever, uh, would be perfect as a guest on your, on, on living richly that you think the message resonates. Uh, we welcome you to make an introduction if you know the individual personally or send us that information as well.

All that can be communicated. The easiest way to reach out to us is. Info living Uh, and we will certainly keep you in the loop as to all of the different things that we’re gonna be doing, and as we encourage you to do on every show, and we are already done today. But just as a reminder as we prepare to wrap up today’s episode, uh, is to, uh, subscribe to our channel, uh, whether that’s on YouTube or, uh, Spotify or Apple Music or any of the, uh, podcasting platforms that you’re listening to, give us a, a review, a five star review if you feel so inspired, and make sure to share it out.

And, uh, don’t forget that our website, if you go to living, uh, you will find that in the blog section of that website. Every episode is listed. This one will be posted, uh, when this goes live. Um, and anytime we mention tools or resources, Um, uh, then all of that’ll be included in the show notes, in those blog posts as well, so, so make sure to avail yourself of that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen in today, to watch the video if you’re watching it. I really do appreciate we, we recognize that this community is bigger than two of us, than three of us. Uh, this is a much larger, our goal is that this is a much larger movement, uh, and we really do appreciate you being a part of that journey with us.

Uh, until next time. Uh, we really do just encourage you to continue to live out your best life.