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Eric Deschanps, Public Speaker, Host of the Living Richly Podcast, and featured podcast guest

Eric Deschamps

Master Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host  |  613.762.7975

High-Performance Coach

Motivational Speaker

Business Leader

Podcast Host


Eric’s dynamic presence and masterful communication skills make him a standout professional speaker. Known for his engaging, humorous, and impactful delivery, he connects deeply, leaving a lasting difference in his audience’s lives. With 37 years of global speaking experience, Eric expertly tailors his message, drawing from extensive leadership and real-life expertise, to deliver unparalleled value in every presentation.

Beyond his speaking skills, Eric excels as a master business and leadership coach, empowering leaders and organizations to reach their full potential. A passionate visionary and award-winning coach, Eric is also the creator of the 15-Day Life Vision Challenge, author of Turbocharge Your Business Now, co-founder of Rhapsody Strategies and Living Richly, and host of the Living Richly Podcast. His diverse expertise makes him the ideal choice for your next event.


Signature Topics

Team Dynamics and Performance

Transformation Leadership

Unleashing Your Full Potential

Mindset and Emotional Mastery

Mental Health and Wellness

Being Your Authentic Self

Rob Dale - motivational speaker, podcast host, podcast guest

Rob Dale

Master Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host  |  613.864.0657

High-Performance Coach

Motivational Speaker

Business Leader

Podcast Host

Blending compelling storytelling with practical advice, Rob does more than inform—he inspires attendees to harness their innate potential and initiate meaningful personal and professional transformations. Rob is an influential public speaker and leadership coach with over 35 years of experience. He is known for his powerful keynotes and as the host of the Living Richly Podcast.

With a knack for making complex concepts accessible, Rob crafts a non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages open exploration and lasting change. Attendees leave Rob’s sessions motivated and equipped with actionable strategies to enhance their lives, careers and organizations.

Rob is also a co-leader of Rhapsody Strategies and Living Richly. Expect a dynamic event filled with breakthrough moments and actionable insights that spur real growth and achievement.


Signature Topics

Having Difficult Conversations

Team Culture and Dynamics

Sophisticated Leadership

Living Your Best Life

Unlocking Your Inner Potential

Overcoming Tragedy and Adversity

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